About the LiA Navigator

About the LiA Navigator

The LiA Navigator is a comprehensive, web-based system which provides everything a Trust needs to adopt LiA for itself, with coaching from us as you go.

It is for use by:

  • The top level Trust Sponsor Group to help them navigate the process of adoption
  • Clinicians and managers from frontline and support teams so they can use LiA to engage their own teams around their own priority challenges, with an absolute focus on outcomes.

The LiA Navigator is based around a simple, clear 'Route Map' to help you navigate your journey, including an initial 12 month journey of ‘adoption and spread’. Once it starts to embed as ‘the way we do things around here’, LiA is aligned with the local planning cycles and priorities for each year.

The LiA Navigator codifies everything a Trust needs in order to support adoption, reducing the dependence on costly external support and ensuring that this new way of working is owned and delivered ‘in house’. This is key to sustainability. Coaching and support from the Optimise team is then available to ensure you have the expert input that you need, when you need it.