How LiA Works

How LiA Works

LiA is adopted on a widespread basis across the whole Trust, at a strategic, frontline and enabling level.

LiA is personally led and sponsored by the Chief Executive, supported by clinical and operational leaders who, together, 'navigate the journey' of adoption and spread over an initial 12 month period, and then beyond so that it becomes embedded as 'the way we do things around here'.

It empowers teams to drive forward positive changes, shifts the culture and style of leadership, reenergises staff who previously felt helpless and unable to act, challenges existing assumptions, eliminate wasteful or irrelevant activities that provide no value to patients.

LiA is not an HR or Communications 'initiative'. It is a strategic vehicle for transformation. It brings together the powerful combination of top level, unwavering commitment with an engaged and empowered workforce.

Moreover, there are no unwieldy programme structures, no complex project plans, status reports or endless meetings which lead nowhere. Instead, staff come together to decide what 'great' would be like, what gets in the way of them achieving that today, and what they will change together to address that. They take ownership of and pride in delivering the outcomes they want to see, using simple action plans and a variety of tools to help them, and their achievements are held up as inspiration to others.

LiA cuts through the usual complexities and layers of decision making, so that you can focus on what really matters.