Passionate about the LiA philosophy

If the once-in-a-century Coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it is that there is no going back to the old ways of working.  

The single biggest success of the early months was the herculean efforts of frontline healthcare staff, supported in a way – previously unimaginable – by the national and local leaders, to get on top of the pandemic, suppress it, and start to get back to some sort of normal. Unimaginable at the back end of 2019. 

The power of ‘Imagine if you had to, how would you?’ at its finest. The core of the LiA approach to change. There will be no more ‘normal’. Things have changed irrevocably, for good. Good for patients, good for staff, good for the NHS.

Frontline staff are at the centre of what the NHS is, and does, going forward. They are, as the Prime Minister stated, the ‘beating heart of our country’.

And it’s time to tap into not only their talents, professionalism, commitment, and daily sacrifice to the cause; it’s time to tap into what they know and what they need from all of us: today, tomorrow, and the day after that. 

As things have changed radically in the NHS in 2020, so too has Listening into Action (LiA), building on continuous learning and innovation since 2008, but with a major shift in response to the current context.

Our whole focus now is on giving NHS CEOs and leaders the ‘smarts’ and tools they need to engage their most valued assets on what matters to them, using a simple suite of virtual informatics tools and techniques to rapidly identify ‘what’s great, what’s wrong, what should change, and how we make it happen, together’.

It’s about re-imagining the future, today, and unlocking the potential of our NHS frontline staff and their mission-critical support network. It’s about unlocking their insight, for good. Join us on the journey.

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