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Insight and learning from 100s of organisations and 100,000s of employees and leaders form the basis of the award winning Listening into Action (LiA)® approach

Creating a path where people want to walk

Only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work (Gallup 2013)

LiA is about re-engaging with employees and unlocking their potential so they can get on and contribute to the success of your organisation, in a way that makes them feel proud.

LiA has been trialled and proven over the past seven years in one of the most challenging contexts in the world – our National Health Service – and the impact speaks for itself. It is transferable to any industry sector where employee engagement is a top priority.

Our approach is, without apology, different every step of the way:

  • External consultants cannot do this for you. We help you to do it for yourselves so it sustains and embeds as 'the way we do things around here'
  • It is about breaking paradigms, raising the bar, and creating ambition - it has to be different and words like 'project', 'programme' and 'initiative' are banned
  • Teams are supported and enabled to work differently, in a way that switches them on, links to business outcomes they care about, makes them feel valued, and gives them 'permission to act'.

It's about ‘powering up’ your organisation through the direct involvement of your people.

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Employee engagement is not ‘soft stuff’ it is what delivers the ‘hard stuff’.

Many people think that employee engagement is about surveys and listening events, but it is so much more than that. Effective and meaningful employee engagement is about action. Action that is taken by the people themselves to improve outcomes for their business, their customers and themselves – in a way that makes them feel proud. If they feel proud, they will be happier, and we all know that happy employees are more effective at work.

High levels of employee engagement come from making a connection with them – in their language, on their terms – and unleashing their passion, commitment and will to drive change. This is vital to high performance and should be ‘centre stage’ activity and a top priority for the organisation to get right.

If you look around at any high performing organisation, you will see that they put employee engagement at the heart of their culture and ways of working. For them:

  • Employee engagement is about unlocking and optimising the talent of their people
  • Employee engagement is about pooling ideas and having permission to act on them, together
  • Employee engagement is about valuing the contribution of every individual, celebrating their achievements, and learning from their mistakes without blame.

All too often, what an organisation means by the term ‘employee engagement’ and what the employees themselves want and need in order to fully invest themselves in their jobs, are two entirely different things.

For too long there has been a sense that employee engagement is a ‘nice to have’ - ‘soft stuff’ which, in many cases, is seen as a distraction from the day-to-day business. Actually, it is about making ‘the hard stuff’ happen – high quality services or products and a great customer experience. Trying to get to these outcomes without a highly engaged and empowered workforce is like trying to run through treacle.

It is time to ‘raise the bar’ and redefine what we mean by ‘employee engagement’. According to Gallup, only 13% employees worldwide are truly engaged, and yet this is a key contributor to high performance. What we are doing is clearly not hitting the mark, and tweaking existing approaches is not the answer.

Some may feel that doing something new and radical is risky, or requires a leap of faith that some won’t be up for, or that it is only for courageous leaders and mavericks. But why would choosing an approach which is compelling, rigorous, outcome-focused, exciting and, most of all, tried and tested in one of the toughest proving grounds in the world, be risky or unlikely to work?

LiA is not for the ‘faint-hearted’. It is for organisations wanting to blast employee engagement out of the water and do something special that makes you stand out from the crowd.